PS4 wifi connection loss fix! and netflix app crash!

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For all the fellow ps4 users.... I have been having wifi issues with my ps4. It wouldn't be a problem playing battlefield 4 and a few other games but when I start a background download it would come up with a message that my wifi connection has been lost. I could even see it losing its connection every few 30 seconds or so when loking at the connection status. The more background downloads I had, the worse the problem became.

I wasn't able to recreate the issue on command though since I had to wait 30 second to 30 minutes for it to happen, until I tried the netflix app.

The netflix app would lose its connection almost immediately and would crash... CE-34878-0 error, then I would have to do a hard reset

I was reading up on the wifi connection issue since I believed that it may be causing this error. I found out that the ps4 actually lacks 5ghz spectrum for communication with my router! I was astonished that such a new piece of hardware would lack something like this. Anyways, now time for the solution

The solution I found was to make sure the router was only broadcasting the older 2.4mhz frequency. I had my router set to auto (using 5ghz and 2.4mhz depending on the situation) I switched it to 2.4, or in my case radio channel: standard 20mhz-channel.

I then tried the netflix which I was able to recreate the wifi connection issues on demand and there was no wifi loss anymore. The app still crashed which I think was because when it was being installed/setup the wifi connection was crashing at that time...(before my fix) so I reinstalled the app and everything works great now. No wifi loss connection in any app or game or while downloading background games! :)

Let me know if anyone else is having this problem. It appears to be a problem with how the ps4 is interpreting the 5ghz radio frequency since it doesn't support it natively.

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i know it may be a hassle but i strongly suggest using wired connection...