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And so it was, that 10,000 angry customers marched towards SONY japan,
with receipts in their hands and blood on their minds.
On that rainy night, the forces of SONY and elves took a stand and armed ready for war.
The customers came, the war chants echoing through the souls of SONY's employees,
and then, Kazuo Hirai raised his sword and said, "This is it" and war began.

The customers roared and sprang into action,
there rage obliterating SONY’s frontal defences which were obliterated in one fell swoop.
The Elves who thought valiantly against the hordes,
stood no match against the memes and hate of the Customers,
Whom slaughtered them like animals and then tee bagged their faces.

Sony’s forces were being pushed back with no help in sight,
then things for them got worst as the customers brought out there catapults.
They piled in their controllers and fired them at SONY,
but as luck had it the controllers disintegrated when fired,
Thanks due to defects from factories in china.

SONY surviving forces fled in their HQ and barricaded the door,
the will to fight on gone and their spirits diminished.
The Customers fused there bricked consoles into a large battering ram,
and began smashing at the doors that were barely holding,
SONY had no hope or at least that’s what it seemed.

Then for SONY hope came at last!
It was SONY of America lead by Jack Tretton the man!
They swooped in and wiped out the hordes with logic and promises of refunds and new PS4s.
The hordes had been calmed and SONY had one,
only to find the PS4 was selling on a loss.