PS4 turned off through night from standby?

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Last night I turned my PS4 off into standby mode, something I do every time. However this morning noticed it was turned off totally. I had no blackouts either. Pushed the power button to turn on and nothing happened. Unplugged it from the wall, came back 10 minutes later and plugged back in. Pressed power switch and it turns on but with a message saying the system wasn't shut down properly.
However now it is working again. Being under warranty should I just return it for a claim? I bought the PS4 expecting it to last the entire PS4 cycle, so the issue this morning was a kind of worrisome.

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No, don't return it. I think it's just one if those minor problems of the PS4 that has yet to be fixed, and I don't think you need to worry too much about it. It'll probably be a 1 or 2 time thing. And I think- for the sake of the PS4 lasting longer- you should only turn on standby mode when necessary, and don't do it too often.


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I had a similar issue with my ps3 slim actually. I'd turn it off, as it obviously doesn't have standby. But after a few days of it being off, there would be no red light. I'd have to unplug it from the back and surge protector and then plug it back in for it to work. Maybe not exactly similar. But it only happened a few times oddly and it stopped and things are normal now.

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That's your surge protector doing its work ;)

There was either a surge or brown-out late at night, and it disabled the ports, so the devices weren't affected.

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Yeah not doing it now. All seems to be okay. Had no blackout, so prob just a brownout. I thought the worse and didn't think of something less like a brownout.

I was just kind of worried that my PS4 was having an issue. I'll prob start shutting it down instead of having it in standby. Only start having it in standby to recharge the controller.

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@digitm64: Yeah I get brownouts now and then. Probably that.