ps4 slim fan noise. normal or defective ?

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so hello to everyone! first of all, sry for my bad english.
guys, i bought brend new ps4 slim 2 monts ago. plz, check the link down below, to hear a fan noise during gameplay. it seems to me, that slim not supose to work that loud. i never had sony console before, but i have a feeling, that its not suppose to be that loud. a friend of mine has ps 4 slim to, and he is saying, that his console is not near as loud as mine, even when he is playing uncharted lost legacy. btw, on the video i was playing horizon.

i would really appreciate opinion of people, who has ps4 slim to know, is this fan noise normal or should i try to go and ask for new one, because its still on a warranty.

ty for reading this!

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Owned a limited edition FF XV console, quiet as expected. I also game at a desk, should be silent from couch play.

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@Random_Matt: so u had slim model, and were playing few feet away from it and didnt had noise issues ?

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I was right next to it, no noise issues.

The thing with sound is subjective to each individual, what i and you and anyone else finds acceptable is completely different.

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@Random_Matt: true. but i made a video, which you can see if you follow the youtube link. did you watch it?

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Return it.

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I also have a PS4 Slim. The noise really depends on which games it plays. On most Japanese Anime games (aside from FFXV) which are not heavy games it plays without any noticeable noise. But on heavy games it has some noises.

Your PS4 slim sounds okay to me (or that your phone sound record isn't very good).

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@yammireckorrdsan: well, i know that its depends on a game. but a friend of mine has ps4 slim abd he is playing uncharted:the lost legacy, far cry 4, ea ufc 2 and fifa 17 abd he is saying, that his console is whisper quiet.

while i am playing dishonored 2, horizon:zero dawn, infamous: secnd son and mk xl and my ps 4s sounds like jet engine sometimes.

is that normal ?

i felt like its was less noisy.

i catually, had some situation, after which i started to realize the noise is much louder than before.

so my ps4 was located on the top of a very ubstable shelf. when i say unstable, i mean its was wobbling from side to side sometimes. so one day, my girlfriend was clining the shelf abd its shaking, and moving from side to side, like a jelly. console itself didnt move, or lagged or made any wierd noise. after that i started to recognize loud fan noise.

is that possible, that this situation could be the cause of fans bieng so loud ?

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@stay_calm: Olay. After what you said now, Your PS4 is probably on not very good condition. I never had something like that with my PS4, even with playing Horizon, Uncharted, FFXV, Witcher and Tomb Raider.

I honestly do not know the reason for that. Sorry I'm not very much of help.

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@yammireckorrdsan: well ill try to give it back to retails so they will fix it. i hope ill get a new one actually. my main concern is that they will refuse me by saying that if ot works - its not broken

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my ps4 sounds like a plane taking off; then again its the release day model. I think it's from dust build up and the fans needing to work extra hard. I may need to open mine up and clean it out :-/

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Unless you start having issues such as freezing or it starts shutting down, you don't need to worry

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@stay_calm: really?

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my console is fat.But it has sound.No matter :)

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It's louder than my Xbox one but not enough to be a problem. I don't know what sort of fan they are using got to be similar to the Xbox.