PS4 shut down randomly after freezing, should I be worried?

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I left my PS4 on standby all night to charge my controller. When I booted it up I loaded netflix. It got to the part where the circle spins and then the screen froze. The system shut itself off seconds later and they started doing the whole checking the hard drive thing without me doing anything. It basically warned that the system didn't shut down properly.

Why did it do this? It ended up booting just fine after that. I was super scared that I was getting the blue light of death. Anyone run into this? I also unplugged the PS4 while in standby mode once to move it from a friends house to my house and it gave me that "system wasn't shut down right" error and checked the hard drive. Is this related to the standby mode?

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dont unplug the ps4 while in standby as its still in an active state. if you wanna unplug it first wake it up then completely shut it down [no lights] before unplugging it. i wouldnt be too worried unless your ps4 starts doing things like that on a regular basis so youre probably ok

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No, my son left mine on and when I turned on my TV it was stuck. I unplugged it, as nothing else would snap it out of it. That was a week ago, and it's been fine. I told him to be sure to shut it down.