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Steam has come up with a brilliant system for player rewards! The best part? Everybody (Gamers, developers and Valve) profits from this system! Everybody knows that we have a Trophy system on PSN, but what if those hard earned trophies were actually worth something more than just bragging rights? Now, it is too early to tell for sure, Sony may have a new system for player rewards even though we know that we are still getting trophies. However, I would be absolutely stunned if the next generation console didn't have a better rewards system; one that would allow a person to use their trophies for real items on PSN. Check out this link about Steams Trading Cards!...... sigh.....If only Sony did something this wonderful... Am I alone on this or would anybody else like to see something like this on PSN?
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I would love to see some type of Rewards system on the PS4.

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I'm not sure why they haven't already got a rewards system in place.. have trophies worth a specific amount of points. Then hit a specific number of points to redeem a PSN code for some money for your wallet. You will encourage people to play more games and will spend more money on them in the long run.
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I personally love this system. I am a huge fan of what steam is doing and can not believe that two of the biggest companies in the world still have not implemented it. I really hope they can learn from this card system and implement some form of it
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I would love a reward system for the PS4.
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I couldn't care less about the Steam trading cards.
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Anyone who likes Steam cards doesn't understand Steam cards lol

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definitely hope they have something like this for ps4/xbox 1
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It seems like more people are for this idea than against it. But we havent had many people vote. we need more voters! Vote up peeps!
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Anyone who likes Steam cards doesn't understand Steam cards lol



I noticed some games on the Steam store have cards... but I have absolutely no idea what they do :P

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check out the link in the top comment