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Just want to put this here to find some like minded gamers to add to my friends list on PSN (PS4)

Looking for friendly (semi competitive types) girl or guy, doesn't matter..... no kids please.

PSN = Zandeus

Add me and send a friend request and I"ll add you next time I'm on.

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Add me please! =)

PSN = gaspo53

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add me if you have a mic

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PSN ID is MikeyBoy02NY02

Feel free to add me

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Add me! PSN= Radcliffe1214

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May add me also if you like


Happy gaming!

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Add, psn in DubKriss

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Add me only if you are mature

PSN ID: J45P3R_90s

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Hi, I am a UK Gamer that has just purchased PS4.

I am 28 years old from near Manchester.

Add me :-) KR1S_N4M4ST3

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We already have a sticky for this, you can all add your names to it

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hey feel free to add me! PSN: M_A_T_T_0_6

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@The_Last_Ride said:

We already have a sticky for this, you can all add your names to it

Correct. Locking thread since it would be redundant to keep open.