PS4 downloaded update. Console now stuck.

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It displays the loading circle on screen. White light fades in and out. Initially the controller was responding, but now nothing. Any help?


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@Heirren: Hopefully you've sorted this by now. If not then try turning off the ps4 and holding the power button down until it beeps a second time to enter safe mode. then try rebuiding database. that should hopefully sort it for you. Good luck.

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I ended up having to switch the power strip off. It entered safe mode upon starting up. System did not update, and I didn't have time to redownload it etc.

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That sucks. Thankfully, my update went smoothly for me.

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Switch it off from the power strip? Ouch that's just asking for trouble. Should have just held down the power button.

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Didn't have time to redownload? It was pretty quick for me.

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i downloaded it yesterday, i didn't have any problems