PS4 controllers in stock at gamestop? Advice needed.

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So i want to order another controller for my ps4 that is preordered. My local gamestop stores do not have them in stock but their website say they are in stock and "will ship within 24 hrs". Is this true? has anyone ordered one from there recently and got it. I wanna know because using the free shipping on gamestop that takes up to 8 days is not a big deal if i order it now and it ships within 24 hrs, but if it won't be in stock until nov 15 then i will order my controller elsewhere or pick it up in store.

Thanks for the help

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Most likely a misprint on the web site. They wouldn't be allowed to ship them until the same day the PS4 comes out. Would still be a good idea to order one though.

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@lyndonAPI: I believe the controller is out to purchase now but I wouldn't trust what was announced on gamestop website. If the controller isn't in the store then I wouldn't; bother purchasing one until the PS4 comes out. I will just call around or go to stores on the way home from work if you feel you need the extra controller.

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Must just be in the US where they are shipping now. The Canadian site still says November 15. In any case, not much need of the extra controller until you have the system to use it with. ;)

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Yeah, the controller is out in the US. It works with a lot of games on PS3, but the sixaxis doesn't work and the vibration doesn't work. Way better triggers though.

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I'm hearing an seeing from other sites that the control is out in many stores just go to your local store an check

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I picked up a DS4 today. It feels really nice but I cant get it to work even when plugged into the usb cables I had layin around.

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@AutoPilotOn said:

I picked up a DS4 today. It feels really nice but I cant get it to work even when plugged into the usb cables I had layin around.

im having the same problem too anyone know a fix? gonna be pretty pissed if my shiny new controller becomes a paper weight

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The DS4 is readily available in several stores now, such as GameStop and BestBuy. I know a friend of mine received his controller from Amazon too. Be on the lookout!