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Are there any PS4 games that are for four players that is similar to Gauntlet, etc?

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The only Playstation 4 game that is like Gauntlet is the upcoming Diablo 3 GotY version in which you can have 4 people playing couch co-op together. Until then only Knack or Lego Marvel superhero's have co-op but only for 2 people.

Hopefully the PS4 will have lots of 4 player dungeon crawler/action RPG games in the future.

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Resogun, Need for Speed Rivals, NBA 2k14, Lego and FIFA are the only games i am aware of that have co op

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@pero2008: I had a same question! /guys told that COD Ghost has a co-op mode in multiplayer!

I hope there will be a lot of games for co-op!!

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@master_ux: extinction mode in cod ghosts is split screen co-op. That is the mode like zombie modes in cod black ops.

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@3rdbass: Thanks for info! Then its same like in previous versions! I hope there will be something like Gears of Wars 3 co-op!

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There is a Game called TRINE 2 on the PSN store and it goes up to 3 player co-op. Super fun!