ps3 stuck in 576 res.

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please can any one help me? i have been using my ps3 with an expensive hdmi cable and 40" sony bravia lcd tv for a few years now with no problem. today i turned it on to find sound but no picture. the screen stays black except for a thin white horizontal line across the bottom of the screen which fades and is replaced by 2 vertical bands on both sides of the screen which start of orange and fade to black. i have tried holding in the start button till secon beep and re-setting it up but no joy. it will only output through the hdmi in 576 resolution, set it to any higher and i get black screen again. whatever i try i come back to the same black screen. i have been searching online and have found answers with everything from broken hdmi port to damaged graphics card to faulty hdmi cable. anyone experienced anything similar? could it be as simple as a new hdmi cable? please help! thanks, ian.
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a different cable and or different screen will help narrow down whats wrong. go forth and test!

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try another cable, even the component cables and the 3 beep / reset video settings method

or phone Sony tecnical service