PS3 Slim Problem!

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So I'm having a bit of a problem with my PS3 Slim, it doesn't seem to be a reccuring problem since it has only happened twice, but it's a little worrying nonetheless. So the first time this happened I was playing Red Dead Redemption online, everything was fine until the screen went black for a few seconds and when the image came back I was in the XMB menu.

That was about a month ago so I didn't worry too much and just gave the PS3 a rest. But today I was playing Fallout 3: GOTY and the exact same thing happened, so I know it wasn't a problem with Red Dead Redemption and instead a problem with my PS3 Slim. First I thought it might be a overheating problem, but normally there is a little warning sign that pops up when your PS3 is overheating, and it tells you to turn it off.

So I'm just worried that there might be something wrong with my PS3 and if anyone knows anything about this, a bit of info would be appreciated.

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maybe you should default setting or check this
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Probably just a random error or problem. Don't worry about it, things like these happen once or twice and if the PS3 is in an open place, it'll be alright.
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Just try to make sure it's well ventilated with there is no dust gathering in the PS3 vents, stuff like this tends to happen VERY RARELY so i would not worry about it:)

Also you have a great taste in games8)

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Yeah well it's ventilated, I'm just a little paranoid.

Ever since I lost my original to the YLOD, very sad times... :cry:

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there is a thing u can get for ur ps3 to help ventilate the heat out. it fits under the ps3 itself and it has a blue led light along the bottom of it [i think]. i know u can get them for the original [fat] ps3 but u hafta check with ur local game dealer to see if they are available for the ps3 slim console.