PS3 Sleep Mode???

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#1 Posted by louis77 (99 posts) -
Is there a way i can put my ps3 in sleep mode with a timer. My tv is in sleep mode but i dont no bout the ps3. I wanna watch a movie but i dont no if my ps3 will stay on the hole night. If it has one please instruct me
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#2 Posted by psyum (3268 posts) -
u can run the folding@home program and there u have an option of turning your ps3 off(timer)
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#3 Posted by SHuN-GoKu (25 posts) -

whenever i dont use my PS3, i put it in Folding@Home.

If you wanna save energy then simply turn it off or leave it and the PS3 should dim (using less power)

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I just leave it on stand-by.