PS3 RPG/Action game recommendations

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Can you guys recommend me some good, quality RPG or Action/Adventure games to play for the ps3? I want to get some good use out of my ps3 as I have yet to build up my library because I just bought it a year and a half ago. HALP?!?

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Mass effect 1- 3 without a doubt. Just buy the trilogy. Its more for the casual rpg action fan than the hardcore rpg fans. Thank me later.

I also recommend Fallout 3 and Fallout new vegas. No gamer should miss those.

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@ marcheegsr

Every should Pass Fallout and Mass Effect, whats so casual about Mass Effect anyway ?

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Fallout definitely. Very addicting game.

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Skyrim + Ni no kuni Don't miss thus two, if like MMORPG must get Final Fantasy XIV a Realm Reborn

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Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning is a must.

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skyrim ni no kuni fallout 3 dark souls demons souls tales of xillia tales of graces mass effect 1-3

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All you need is Fallout and Mass Effect series. Sit back and enjoy the greatest games of all time IMO.