PS3 Questions and Purchase.

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Hello everyone,

I just had a few questions about the PS3 slim model and super slim model. I'm currently debating on whether or not I should buy a PS3. I already own one but I basically gave it to my mother to use for Netflix and I'm not going to take it away from her. I live near New Hampshire so I was thinking about driving up and getting it there (no sales tax :)). I wanted to ask people which PS3 I should get.

I personally hate the new design of the super slim and really like the older slim model because it has physical buttons for the power and disc eject. I guess one of my main concerns is the "ylod" or "yellow light of death". Now I already know that the ylod is not nearly as bad as the 360's rrod, but I still don't want to have to deal with it, if at all possible. Does anyone know how reliable the older slim model is and if it can get the ylod? I know there really isn't any advantage of getting the super slim model but I was curious to know if Sony tinkered with the components to fix that ylod issue?

I have a slim 360 and pre-ordered GTA 5 for it but I grew up playing GTA on the PS2 controller and GTA 4 I got originally for the PS3. So I wanted to stick with the dual shock controller for the next GTA.

So just wanted to know, if I wanted to get the older slim model is there is any reason that I shouldn't? Maybe known hardware issues that I don't know about.

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Any machine can break, so I don't imagine the original Slim models have any more issues than the new version has. Go with the one that you think looks better. I still prefer my original fat, shiny PS3, but it did die of YLOD. I ended up replacing it with a slim and I have very few complaints about it other than not looking as good and having a louder disc drive.
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The Slim vs. Super Slim concerns have been raised before, but it's simply too early for any reliable feedback on its durability versus the original slim. I say go with the model you feel most comfortable with. Like Canvas said above, any machine can break. It appears the old, fat PS3's were the most prone for the YLoD because having hung around these forums for a while I can tell you that any time a YLoD thread is created it's usually about a fat model. Good luck, and you suck with no sales tax! Lucky dog :D
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After seeing the super slim you can tell it's just cheaper material to cut costs. I would buy a regular slim, the build quality seems much better. No reason not to get a slim unless advertising got its hold on you and you just want the super slim to have the newest and latest stuff.

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Just get your mom a Roku player for $60 to stream her Netflix movies (only takes up a fraction of the space anyway) and get your old PS3 back.

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Just get your mom a Roku player for $60 to stream her Netflix movies (only takes up a fraction of the space anyway) and get your old PS3 back.



$300 for a Netflix streamer is an extreme waste of resources. Do like your old man shoulda taught you - "The Right Tool For The Right Job".


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Thanks everyone for the feedback. I just didn't know if the older slim had the same issues as the fat. I'll probably get one of those.