PS3 Help line!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!

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My ps3 broke down and i just got off the phone to them there sending me a new one tomoz thats fast service that any one els ever had this happen
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Did you know that for $150 you can replace your PS3 at ANY time?

I don't have any intention of doing so any time soon, but how about 5 years from now? At that time Sony might have a faster Blu-Ray drive, a redesign, or other minor features that would warrant a replacement.

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I acually had my first experience with them, since the PS2, yesterday. I was trying to figure out why my voice chat wasn't working properly.

What I liked as that the lady didn't try to beat me down with elementary troubleshooting. We got right to business. She gave me the info I needed and I was off.

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is that true ?? for 150 ???? so i can wait until all the 60 gbs ar e gone then pay 150 to get the 80 gb one ?? or as u say when the redesig smaller one comes out prob 2009 i could phone up pay 150 and get a new one !!! the new one !!! wow
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Every time I play Madden 11 online, it keeps freakin' pressing "start" on it's own. interrupting the game and pissing off the other players. can you please help?