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So as everyone probably knows my ps3 stopped reading disks/games a few days ago. Called Sony and they had me to a system restore but didnt do anything. SO they said i had to send it back.Me being the emotional female that i am i was on the verge of tears because me and my ps3 are joined at the hip lol. well i was reading online and someone said they had the same problem and Sony had them do a "hard reset" which completely wipes out the system and that worked. So i decided "what the heck, give it a try" so i backed up my games and started the "hard reset". What i want to know is has anyone had my problem and had to do a "hard reset"? Did it work for you? This is my last option before sending it back to Sony. Thanks guys!

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I'm assuming you mean System format of the HDD and not just turn off the power on back, nope havent cause of issues but did do it when i installed Linux thats it.
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uh no i mean going to system settings...going to restore ps3 system and doing a full restore...aka "hard reset"