PS3 getting a price cut in Japan

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Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia announced today that it will release a new 500 GB PS3 model with the product code CECH-3400C in Japan.

The launch will happen on August 28th, and the new model will cost 25,980 yen ($253) plus taxes, 2,572 yen (almost 26 bucks) less than its predecessor.

Together with the new launch, the previous models CECH-4200C (500 GB) and CECH-4200B (250 GB) will be discontinued, meaning that the 250 GB version will not be offered anymore.

The differences with the 4200 models have not been disclosed by Sony, so they’re probably negligible, besides the change in wi-fi component that was outed by the recent FCC certification, which means that a future launch in the West is most probable.

A new CUH-11XX PS4 model has also been certified by the FCC at the same time, and with the new PS3 officially outed, we might hear about it soon.

Hopefully this means the same goes for the west aswell seing how many buy those consoles outside of Japan