PS3 games you would like to see on the PS4.

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What are some games that you would like to see come out on PS4 that we're on PS3?

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The PS4 needs as many new titles as fast as it can get them to keep momentum

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We need a new Mortal Kombat game for PS4.

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What Jaysonguy said, new games. Leave PS3 games for Gaikai. Square-Enix think they can charge full price for a slightly different version of Tomb Raider on PS4. What a joke.

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There was word on a possible Metro: Last Light port to the PS4 a while back, which would also possibly come with Metro 2033. This is the reason I've held back from playing this game, namely because I want to play Metro 2033 first and don't have anything that can play that. I'm generally against the idea of porting past-gen games to current-gen, but this would be one exception for me personally.

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rayman legends its light hearted fun but also quite hard aswell

i think we need some E rated games because what happens if the person might have kids who want to play on ps4 (or kids at heart XD) they need something to play do they not XD

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Skyrim maybe?

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@SpiderLuke said:

Skyrim maybe?

theyd probebrly just make a new elder scrolls game instead of just remaking skyrim

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All of them?

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Skyrim,fallout new vegas and maybe fallout 3 would all be great, and even better if they fixed all remaining bugs ect and upgraded the graphics especaly in the fallout games. Skyrim looks pretty great as ot is on the ps3 of course from the pics iv seen it would prob be a big improvement if they used the graphics form the PC version running high settings. At any rate those would be my pics in fact my ps3 broke a few months ago and I could not afford to have it fixed AND buy a ps4 so until I can save up to have the ps3 fixed im having to do with out my ps3 games of wich I have about 20 or so and in truth the only ones I really miss is skyrim and fallout new vages. I prob put as much time in to skyrim,newvages and fallout 3 as I have in all other ps3 games combined lol. other than bugs and performance/stability issues those games were by far my fav games this gen. just fantastic and other than those 3 games I would prob not even bother getting my ps3 fixed as im sure i'll be spending most of my time on ps4 games.

Red dead redemption and the batman games would also be great to have on the ps4, again especially with updated graphics. even just higher anti ailesing "spelling sorry" for less jaggies would cool. I must say the ps4's lack of backwords capability with ps3 games is my one real complaint with the ps4. I prob would not mind so much if my ps3 still worked but even then it would be nice not to have to have two consoles takeing up space wich is in my case is very limited. any way other than that I think the ps4 is one really awesome console with a LOT of potential.

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There are heaps of PS3 games I'd love to see on PS4... Red Dead, Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, Portal 2, Uncharted 2 and of course Last of Us.

And I'd love to explore the world of GTA V on next gen!

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@klonoafanboy122: I'd think they would focus more on that new Fallout and Elder Scrolls Online. ESO, though, I feel is a different beast entirely. Since it's so close to PC, I would think a PS4 port couldn't be that hard. Maybe I'm wrong.

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Gotta agree with GTA V , would also like to see Hitman.

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Dragons dogma next gen and TLOU multiplayer

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@Crossel777 said:

What Jaysonguy said, new games. Leave PS3 games for Gaikai. Square-Enix think they can charge full price for a slightly different version of Tomb Raider on PS4. What a joke.

We'll see if Gaikai will work smoothly for gamers worldwide.

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  • Dark Souls II
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Fallou 3, Fallout New Vagas, Skyrim. love you Bethesda and your wonderful ports x.x
  • Beyonetta II yea i can dream lol :(

and i have doubts Gaikai is going to work very well

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I would like to see the Yakuza series on the ps4.

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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.....other then that I agree with what Jaysonguy said.

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dragons dogma. dragons dogma and dragons dogma.

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@Crossel777: I haven't played Tomb Raider yet so I actually look forward to the PS4 version. If you have played it on PS3 I agree with you.

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Dragons dogma

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South park its the only game im going to miss due to not having a ps3 and its the one game I want

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None. I want all new games for the PS4.

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Warhawk 2, Dark Souls 3, Uncharted 4, MGS 5, Wolfenstein The New Order, Stardust 2, Super Pacman DX 2, Resident Evil 7, & many others.

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I'm looking forward to seeing the Tales Of... instalment on the PS4. :)