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Hi. Yesterday I was planning to play Kingdom Hearts when my ps3 started to act up like blank screen! I tried fixing the cable and it display the highest definition that my tv can but it goes black again so I tried resetting the video through power button. I was also wrong in resetting it because instead of 2 beeps, I hold it until 3 beeps. Hehe. But I don't think it will cause a problem.

It does detects my playstation but the definition goes down to 480p.

I tried changing the display manually on its setting but my tv can't handle the highest display(1080p/720p). So i bought another cable but with no luck, the problem still occurs. Arg! I tried testing the display once more but the 720p only show wavy, noisy, screen. I tried holding the cord, and yeah! I saw HD display but it goes black again afterwards! I tried testing it to other tv, same problem. Tested the cable to different gadget, but works fine!

So my questions are, is the port causing the problem but how come it works fine in 480p? If the port is damaged, wouldn't it display anything?

Is there a possibility that HD functions or whatever you call that is broken on my ps3? :(

What will i do? should i buy another cable or a component cable?

did you experience the same and what are the possible solutions? I am frustrated. :(

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You seem to have checked everything i can think of. Welcome to the broken PS3 club, my solution was to buy a new PS3.

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Lord_of_Terrans I will have it checked to Service Center because port might be the problem here. The ps3 is still playable, it has sound, only the resolution that can't goes up than 480p is the problem. :/ Sorry if I have it posted. Haha. Because I am still thinking of a possible solution than to have it repaired. :(((