PS3 and Sennheiser U320 headset, cant hear players ?

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My friend has a U320 headset from Sennheiser hes using on the older "fat" model PS3. Hes unable to hear any other players in games or in the PS3 dash chat. we can hear him, but he cant hear us.

im using the same exact headset on a PS3 slim, both are connected exactly the same way (the way the instructions recommend) and mine works no problem. his PS3 software is up to date, we have been through the menu setting repeatably and everything should be set, but still not hearing other players in any chat. if he disconnects the headset and uses the TV speakers, he can hear other players just fine, but once the headset is set up again, he loses it again.

is there some setting someplace i could be missing? one that isnt obvious that can affect USB headsets? to cause other players to not be heard?

im at a total loss, and Sennheiser tech support has no idea other than to check connections and menu settings, which we are certain are correct, per the instructions that came with the headset, and the fact that my pair works no problem.

something up with the older PS3? different USB ports affecting it maybe? i have no idea.

any suggestions or help is more than welcome as im trying to get this sorted out for him.

thanks in advance