PS3 80 GB FAT problem... pls help

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I have ps3 80gb FAT bought on september 2009. recently it started giving problems, it boots up fine and game also loads fine. but when i put some graphic intensive game it works for some time and then i get 3 beep and red light keeps flashing. it could not be heat cos it happens when i turn on the system first thing in morning. i thought it was the HDD and got a new 500 GB HDD, but still same issue. i have done restore, rebuild etc is very random, i was playing tekken for an hour and it worked great. it plays movies fine too.but when i play graphic intensive game it failes, like uncharted, TLOU, killzone etc etc..i heard if its ylod it wont boot please help me get some solution.

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Sounds like early symptoms of the YLOD. Basically what the same happened to me one day whilst I was playing a game called The Saboteur. Console randomly shut off, 3 beeps following by flashing red light, after a few more tries of it, the console eventually kicked the bucket for good and got full on YLOD. Once I found out it was basically a well known problem that has screwed many peoples FAT PS3s over. I decided to save myself the hassle and just buy a slim line PS3 instead.