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which is better the play station 3 the xbox 360 or the nintendo wii
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in ps 3 forum=ps3, system wars=360, 360 forum=360, wii forums=wii that will be your answer so figure it out your self. pick the system that has the games you like.
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hahah o my god Ban this dude, Solid Snake CQC him :P
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I really can't say anything about the Wii, don't own one. I had a 360 for like 6 or 7 months and sold it and purchased a PS 3 and can say it was a good choice especially with the games coming out in the distant future. Just my opinion!

I say one thing that I was really suprised about the PS 3 being very quite as compared to the 360 sounding like a jet ready to leave the runway.

The controllers have the batteries standard inside so use just use the USB cable to charge as you play and they last for 25 to 30 hours inbetween charges.

HDMI output for HD LCD's great graphics and sound.

Again just my thoughts and opinions.

Good Luck.

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Seriously... Both have their plus points. WHAT MATTERS is your fav games and franchises. If you owned a PS2 and loved it maybe stick with that. The 360 is a bit more than action/shooters this time so its also a worthy purchase. And the wii can be a lot of fun as well.
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I purchased a PS3 as I hadn't owned a Playstation before and had an XBox in the last generation. I felt there was a library of games that were attractive in the Sony camp that I hadn't yet played. Now I am ankle-deep in Final Fantasy XII. Thanks a lot, Sony.
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360 for now. PS3 in 2009.
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System wars is that way > >>>>>>!:roll:
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which is better the play station 3 the xbox 360 or the nintendo wii
This post lasted a whole 20 minutes!!! What's up with the mods, eh? clbsk8s... enjoy your time in sollitude.
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Guys, replying to the thread doesn't help anyone...Just report it and move on.