PS3 160GB!!!!! 80 GB $100 less!!!

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Finally another step taken for the ps3. Sony is planning on shipping out 160GB ps3 by Novemember (just in time 4 X-mas). They plan to sell it for $500!!!! The same price as the old price of the 80gb. The 80gb is now $400 (100 less than before) Which now makes everything more affortable for ps3 fanboys yet to own one.

But this brings up some questions like:

-Wat are they going to do about the 40gb?(which has been out for some time now)

-Why so much space?(This 160 is almost 1.5x more space than my mac!)

-Does the new ps3 have backwards compatiblity?

These are easy question to answer (besides #1)

I have no idea what they are going to do with the 40gb, it'll most likely be discontinued and forgotten cuz why not get an 80gb for the same price as what the 40gb waz priced at.

The reason why Sony decided to put an 160gb out on the market waz for Sony's new program where PSN users can download (or rent for a week) high quality Movies directly onto their ps3s. Downloading high quality movies can take some more space than we may have thought. That means it's time to roll in the 160gb. I like this because I mostly won't be downloading movies from the PSstore but from other places.

The new 80 and 160gb ps3 will not be able to play ps2 games or PSone. That worried many people who planned on getting a ps3 but didn't realize that the ps3 won't be able to play ps2 or PSone games and just sold their ps2 or PSone. Well, to bad is all i can say should of studied up on it better. Besides if you really like ps2 or PSone games so much then get another ps2, they come cheap. But many say that the only reason they got rid of their ps2 is because they are running out of input jacks in their tv. Ok, nothing i can do about that, you do what i did and just use a different tv (i have a small tv, i just use that). If you got no other tv, 2 bad. Just sell the games in for cash so you can get a ps3 game or controller...

that's all if you got any questions or concerns then comment, if not comment anyway saying that you can't wait or that this gets you mad or so on...




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You know, no one is willing to read all that right?
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are you sure it wont play ps one games because I thought the new 80 gb will have the same features as the discontinued 40 gigs aka that can only play ps1 games but no ps2
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Umm, actually they will play PS1 games just fine. Just not PS2. The reason being that PS1 games can be handled through pure software emulation, whereas PS2 games still need a hardware component. (the current 80GB replaces the EE with emulation, but still requires a physical Graphics Synthesizer) The bigger issue is what happens when your PS2 dies? Yes, not if, WHEN! Sony isn't going to keep producing the PS2 forever. And also even if you happen to have a backwards compatible PS3, what happens if that breaks down? Same problem.
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If I need more space i'll just buy this.
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are you sure it wont play ps one games because I thought the new 80 gb will have the same features as the discontinued 40 gigs aka that can only play ps1 games but no ps2sixshooter0825

thats true.