Ps2 not working with ps1 games

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I have recently purchased the first silent hill and I have been really wanting to play it. My ps2 is able to read the disc up to the point of getting to the menu. It takes a solid 10+ minutes to get to the menu where it prompts you to choose either "options" or "difficulty". I am currently trying out my copy of Final Fantasy 7 and same thing happens, except, it doesn't get to the menu. The ps2 reads ps2 games just fine, I am able to play them with no interruptions so I am pretty sure it's not the door that is limiting the game nor is it the laser. I have both my ps1 memory card in and ps2 memory card just in case, I am aware that you don't need the ps1 memory card in to play ps1 games and its just for saving your progress but I am just trying everything. Both of the discs look fairly clean with little surface hair scratches. I am not sure on where to post this so let me know if I am in the right place or if I should go to the retro gaming board. Any help is appreciated.

Update: after waiting around 20 minutes for FF7 to get to a menu, anything but a black screen. I tried with metal gear solid 1 and the same thing happens.

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It's almost certainly the laser. There is a separate laser for the CD read (PS1) and DVD (PS2).

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@xantufrog: so the only laser that is working is the ps2 laser, alright, thank you for the information. I'll go ahead and replace the laser and give you guys another update. Should I buy more ribbon connectors or should the old ones be fine as long as their undamaged?

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@xantufrog: I just got done cleaning the laser and it did the same thing, I can try to replace the whole thing with a new laser diode pretty soon. I want to expound on what I mean with what is going on with my console. The game starts and there is no reading error, it gets to the ps1 logo but it doesn't start at the beginning of the sound it cuts in in the middle of the sound. It seems to me that it cuts to the middle of the logo presentation.

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@woodmansteve: I still think it's the laser. Have you confirmed the disc works? Because it could be the disc has a problem at that point that gets the PS2 in a read loop at that logo.

One way or another, it's totally a read problem - either the disc is bad there, or the failing laser is struggling to read the next bit of data (possibly in turn because of a minor disc issue).

If it were me, I'd simply try another ps1 game before replacing the laser to get a sense if it's specific to that disc and go from there. You've got a very old CD and a very old CD laser notorious for failing, so one or both could be feeding off each other.

No need to replace the cable if you do change the laser

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If you're still watching this thread, try turning your PS2 upside down. Sounds weird, I know, but try it. Put the game disc in, close the tray, turn the console off. Gently turn it upside down. Leave it sitting upside down and turn it on. I've seen it work literally dozens of times, with PS2s having issues reading PS1 discs.

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@the_bi99man: I did that with my PS1 back in the day. But it's not really a solution. Better to fix the problem than fix the symptoms.

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Go to a Retro-Style store and purchase a PS1 for cheap. You wouldn't have to worry about compatibility problems again. That's what I did.

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@TheDarkWolf86: it's not a compatibility problem. His PS2 has PS1 hardware in it.

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@xantufrog: I'm aware. This is why I suggested buying a PS1. Whatever the underlining issue is with his PS2 not reading PS1 games, purchasing a PS1. This eliminates the issue altogether.