PS2 Disc Loading Screen Error?

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I hooked up my old PS2 cleaned it up and put some of my old games in it skips during the intros but past that it's fine. Only music glitches up but doesn't affect gameplay so I'm fine with that and I know it's one of the old fat models of the console. So I went and bought an old game online, Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. When I go to play it goes to the browser and shows the memory card and disc. I click play disc and it just brings me back to the browser after a black screen. Then I click on the disc again and it does the same like a continuous loop. I've tried like 20 games and they work accept this one. I paid a little bit of money for this one it's a bummer it doesn't work. It's clean with little to no scratches on the disc. Anybody know what could be wrong with my ps2 or the game? Or how I can resolve this issue.

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I'm no expert, but by the looks of it, it's the game and the game alone. If you've tried a dozen times with this game and it's not loading anything, either there's nothing on the disc, wrong region (maybe) or the game could be broken. If you have a friend that has a PS2, it might be worth trying it on there's. But to be honest, i doubt it will work by the sounds of your post.

With the PS2 being old, it could be the console, i have had a few minor issues with a few discs. I always get the red screen when the console can't read the disc. I give it many wipes and after a while, it will work. The other issues i had was the memory card not being picked up or the controller which. However, i bought a new controller and card and so far, everything has been fine other than the odd disc not being able to be picked up unless cleaned.

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@Mickeyminime: I looked up the number on the disc and it comes back as that game. I remember the purple back disc would do that to me, but this isn't purple back. It's frustrating because I've cleaned it opened the ps2 cleaned and adjusted the laser. Now all my games are playing perfectly and it helped to set the ps2 on it's side as it stopped the tray from grinding when opening and closing. The game will still work. I've checked the region it matches. I do not think the game is fake because the guy who sold it me is being very helpful. He is concerned with scratches on the disc and said he would even pay me to go get it buffed and still offer a full refund if it doesn't work. It's a very rare game and I never remember seeing it in stores and I only got to play it once when I rented it from a rental video game store. The only thing is the silver ring on the back of the disc is scratched up but that should affect anything though. Thanks for the help. I appreciate a response about an old game system like this. Haven't found much help at all on 3 forums. I think somebody in family still has a ps2 and I want to try it on theirs before I go to a retro game store and see what they say about it.