PS2 can't read my discs.

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So I found my old dusty PlayStation 2 Slim behind some boxes in my room. I opened it up, cleaned it and then plugged it in. But when I put a disc in, it wouldn't run games. So I went to check in the browser and it just told me "The disc could not be read.". I tried checking if the disc was spinning, and yes it was. I also switched between 4 different games but it gave the same result. I also tried cleaning the lens. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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It's bust

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To answer your question. If you Google your question, you would be able to receive more results than what you are getting here as of today. Game FAQ - PS2 Won't Play Disks. Best of luck!

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I'd try cleaning it with a wet cloth

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U have had this problem once. My ps2 needed a new disc reader

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You can adjust the potentiometer in the PS2 by opening it up and turning the white cog near the laser mechanism. I would recommend only turning it one or two clicks at a time. This adjustment should resolve most disk read errors.

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Take it apart and give the laser a clean with alcohol.

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Why not just buy a new PS2? I'm sure you can get them for really cheap now.

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@glitch-: There are no places that sell it around my parts. And I'm bad at buying stuff online so I don't really want to get scammed

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I had a similar problem with the laser I just brought another system rather than messing with the tech stuff. Good thing is everything is saved on the memory card. If that happened to my Xbox one and I lost everything it would be gutting.