PS VITA Region quastion?

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I have a question ,maybe its sound stupid but here it go....

Is there any region control for games or downloaded games? Can I play and download games with UK PSN account to US version PS VITA? And Can I buy games in UK and play them on US PS VITA? Or its same like for PS4, that there is region free?

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The VITA is full region free, the only thing that is region locked is the DLC for the games (If you buy a game in US you need the US DLC)

Still keep in mind that Vita can only be tied to one PSN profile at a time. So as soon as you link a profile into it you can only access that profile's marketplace region.

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No region locks on any existing physical Vita game. DLC compatibility is the only catch, as @Warlord_Irochi said.

For digital purchases, see this guide: