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Right now im kinda of debating on whether or not i should wait until next year for a PS4 (which is when i can get it for my b-day) or get a vita right now for black friday since i have no handhelds. So what should i get

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If you're unsure on both right now, wait on both. The PS4 could have a plethora of hardware issues we don't know about yet and you might want to wait on a stronger line-up.

If you're asking between a Vita and PS4 (as opposed to a 3DS), I don't think the Vita was very high on your list anyways then.

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You have any reasons for getting a Vita? Like certain games you want or something?

I'm just asking because you probably don't wanna be like me. Where I got PSP, just for the sake of having one, and then I ended not even really using it. Bit of a waste money.

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I depends on which one you really want. Personally i will wait before getting a PS4. There are so many games on PS3 i need to play, not to mention all the issues the PS4 will have.

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Yeah I would say wait as well unless you have some dough to blow. PS4 wont have any games at launch. Vita is a nice little indie machine if you don't game on a PC. Vita has a few big games though. If you're a plus member I would say a vita since they start you off with so many games.

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As someone who owned a Vita for a good year or so, I would say hold off on that. I'm optimistic about the PS4, but since I haven't owned one yet for a day (let alone a year) I can't give you a good impression of how I feel about it.

Your best move is probably to wait a while. Gotta see what everyone has to say about these systems.

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There was a rumor of a Vita being bundled with a PS4 awhile back, I don't know what came of that. Anyway, only get a Vita if you know there are games on it you want to play, it's hit and miss amongst the people who have them.

And, if I knew I could get a PS4 for my birthday, I would definitely hold off on getting it.

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the thing is that ps4 will obviously be blowout like the ps2 to making it hard to come by in the first 3-5 months but i can wait and im pumped for this console, on the other hand vita is also my type of console since i have no other handheld and ill be able to use it during school and my commute to there.

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If I had to choose I'd rather get a PS Vita now, and the PS4 (at the begin of) next year. The Vita is a great piece of hardware and there are about 650 games you can play on it, ranging from PSOne to PSMobile. It completes very well both PS3 and later PS4 thanks to cross-buy / cross-save and as AR or remote device, in particular when you are a PS+ subscriber. While it works largely like a tablet (where you can also use twitter, youtube, skype, make screenshots, and so on) it also seems that the present OLED display is slightly superior to that of the upcoming Vita "light". --The PS4 is great and I will get one asap but in the moment I'd consider the Vita more recommendable since there is a greater variety of games available.

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@GalacticCobalt: I too use the Vita in the commuters every day, it is really great for this since you can pause the game at every moment (PS button) and switch the console off (stand-by) to continue later on. The only problem is that battery life is rather shot (3-4 hrs).

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Get the PS Vita and then wait a year or two to get a PS4.