PS Vita help (downlading games)

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Hello everyone...

I have PS Vita, with COD running from its "game" memory stick and Assasin downloaded onto the VIta memory stick (from PS network). Now I want to install a new game which I purchased online, but I cannot since the memory stick has no space.

What are the solutions do I have?

I'm using mac by the way.

Shall I just delete assasin from the memory card and download the other game? Will I still be able to redownload assasin? will I lose any of my progress or saves? how is the downloading and redownloading of games work.

I checked the sony website couldn't find the answer im looking for.

thanks in advace.

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Backup your saves and then delete whatever game you're not currently using.

Games and saves aren't tied together for the Vita but they are for the PSP. I just say back up because I tell everyone to back up.

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@Jaysonguy: how do u backup the saves? and where will they be stored exactly? and once I delete the game... will i be able to redownload it again?

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If you already have Content Manager Assistant installed on your Mac, you can just make a backup of your game. Save file is tied to the game when you do a backup (for digital games), so no worries here. And oh, if you're a PS+ subscriber, you can simply upload your save file to the cloud. Pretty convenient.

Lastly, you can redownload any game when you access the download list in PS store.

EDIT: Customize the folder locations of your backup files with CMA if you don't like the default ones.

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@tempura13: Excellent. That's what I've been looking for. Thank you very much :)