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I own a PS3 and have PS Plus.

My wife owns a PS Vita and does NOT have PS Plus.

We obviously have our own profiles and own trophies.

How can we get our free PS Plus games onto the Vita? Is there a way for me to link her to my account?

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The PS+ freebies are only tied to your account. I'm afraid you have to activate your account on her Vita (and deactivate hers) for the PS+ Vita games, but that would be inconvenient. If you do change accounts on the system, it will format the memory card. Either do a backup or use a spare memory card.

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Spare memory card seems the easiest.

Then she can have a card for the plus content and one for her own.

But there is no way you can get them onto her Vita without been on your account and there is no way to transfer them onto her account either since they are tied to just yours.

You should just join forces and have same account for an uber trophy collection !

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either share the ps plus account, or get another ps plus. 50 bucks is a steel especially when it comes to vita games. i have never bought any games for the vita. ps+ takes care of that.

its just too bad you might have to do it twice.