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So Seeing as tho I have a PS4 and have PS+ for online gaming, and have no PS3, I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of, how it would work if i put my psn account onto another ps3 in another house for my brother to be able to play all the free PS3 games i can get being a PS+ user. would it be as simple as this or would it log me out of my PS4.

thanks for the help in advance.

PS When do we find out when the next lot of games come out we only have a week and half left until march and no word on whats the next lot of free games are

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I think that would work just fine if you let him your account on his PS3. I'm pretty sure you can be signed into both systems at the same time as well.

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@bezza2011: yeah it works fine all you gotta do is sign into your account on psn and activate that ps3, ive done it on over 5 ps3s, just sign in, activate, download what you want, then deactivate, and you still have all the games across all the accounts :)

in terms of when the next games come out i have an app for android i dunno if its on the app store but its called ps+ Notificator and it tells me like a week before what games are coming, well it did that for me last month anyways... :)

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@markgamer: They're announced on the official PlayStation blogs. Same place you can find weekly store updates, sales announcements, and previews for a lot of upcoming games.

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