PS Move games on PS4

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With PS4 supporting PS Move controllers, I'm anxious to see what games Sony and their developers come up with. I'm surprised Killzone Shadowfall doesn't utilize it for aiming when the PS3 versions controlled great that way, I want more experimental games like BeatSketchers, Tumble, Start the Party, etc.

Microsoft made their first Kinect game for Xbox One (Kinect Sports Rivals), so why is Sony taking their time with new PS Move games?

Yes I like motion controls, when done right. Nintendo did a great job with Wii Sports and its sequels, and FPS games play very well using the Wii Remote and PS Move for aiming.

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Never bought a Move controller for my PS3, and will not do so for my PS4. I have no interest to play my games this sort of way, I'm perfectly happy with my controller.

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I'm begging Sony to keep motion games. I am a fan of rail shooters like house of the dead overkill. And sports champions 1 and 2 were really done well. I would like to see what a ps4 can do with the improved graphics and eye with sports champions 3. Lot of people who never ever used a move want go rip it which is stupid. Motion gaming is for a smaller percentage but the move was responsive and had some very good games.

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Still have my Move controllers, too. Looking for them to do something with it (just don't over do it).

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Because Americans are lazy and don't want to have to do any more "moving" than is necessary with a standard controller?

When I think of PS Move or Kinect, I can't get out of my head that they're geared towards family games. I've never owned the PS Move, but I do have the Kinect for 360 and it never quite crossed over to "serious gaming" titles. I'm not saying there's not a market for it, but in my experience hardcore gamers that I've talked to tend to shy away from motion-controlled games.

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You have to actually play the move to understand it. I think the Wii is a casual game system. When I hear "casual gamer", I am thinking that is someone (maybe a little kid newbie) who can just pickup the game and easily play and dominate the game. While there are some easy casual games out there, there are plenty of motion games for the move that takes a lot of skill, lot of practice AND A LOT OF ENERGY. Sports Champions 1 and 2 aren't easy "casual" games at all. You gotta know what you are doing and it takes a lot of hours to master. And when you are playing, you are gonna use a lot of energy and you will be sore depending on the game. Table tennis was awesome and this wasn't wii "wrist tennis". Go play Kenji (the champion) in table tennis and see how "casual" it is. I lost many matches against him and when I won it was very satisfying. The Fight: Lights Out is another game that can get your heart rate up and you will be sore. I have a Polar heart rate monitor so I know exactly what my heart rate is. I do cardio once a week for about an hour and a half... Run about 2 and half miles mixed with other cardio exercises. I even have Insanity dvd which is easily the hardest, most burning calorie workout but the fight: lights out isn't that far if you were to put an hour into the game. It doesn't match up for burned calories but it isn't that far off. Insanity DVD is real tough and no where near as fun as playing The Fight: Lights Out.

I am interested in motion gaming and I am also interested in virtual reality. Games are games but these are just ways to get more immersed into it.

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Playing FPS games on the Wii sold me on motion controls. They work sooooooo well for shooters, especially Metroid Prime Trilogy.

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I can say I spent lots of hours on SC1/2, High velocity bowling and Planet minigolf

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I don't have move controller but I'd actually like to get some and have Sports Champions 3, I'd like them to surpport it more not loads but a few good party games wouldn't go a miss, i'd buy into it for them sort of games, and time crysis was built for this type of thing where are them games gone, I do miss a good shoot out