PS Classic or PSIO Cartridge?

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I recently got my hands on a PSIO Cartridge from Cybdyn Systems and I wanted to share my views on it with others considering that the PS Classic is coming out soon.

What is PSIO you ask? Well it is a cartridge which plugs into the back of the original fat PS1 and you can load all your games from an SD card. I have loaded so far 200 games and all of them work flawlessly. Most importantly I can use my original dualshock controller and multitap adapter with friends with vibration on it and also play any game I want such as original games like Crash Bandicoot, Gran Turismo, Croc and Spyro!! If you've heard of an EverDrive (Flash Cart) then that is what PSIO is.

I currently have my PS Classic on preorder but I might cancel it. The price is the same but PSIO is so much cooler. I recommend everyone checks out this amazing little cartridge. The company is well known for their support and friendly service and apparently two guys made it over a period of 5 years. I was actually blown away by the quality and perfection of the device. It came in a neat little white box with their logo on the front, custom foam insert and the product was in a box like the original PS1 peripherals (like we had in the United Kingdom here) and it was heatshrunk. Inside it the box was the cartridge in a custom made plastic shell and you can take off your parallel port cover from your PS1 and snap it in the plastic shell. There are no words for the quality and perfectionism of the device. I've never seen anything like it.

GameSpot if you're reading this you should definitely ask the company for a sample and do a review on it. You won't be disappointed.