Problemm with Playstation network

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#1 Posted by mitsios (83 posts) -

Hi guys... Can anyone help me on this???

in procees to internet connection test the playstation network FAILED

Obtain IP Address: OK

Internet Connection: OK

PlaystationNetwork: Failed

What i must to do to solved it???

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#2 Posted by dcelw540 (462 posts) -

This happens to me too :P Um... either keep trying or wait a bit :) If its worked before then its just a little thing if its your 1st time online then I dont know :(

Hope that helps :)

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#3 Posted by 1bsmrsmd (25 posts) -

Hey in order to resolve your issue with the PSN connection please tell me what type of connection you are using wired or wireless as the two have different stengths?

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#4 Posted by mitsios (83 posts) -

Am using internet throught my laptop....


Am taking wireless from my friend near me apartment....