Prince of Persia HD Trilogy on PS3

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I want to play Warrior Within and The Two Thrones but I hear that the PS3 versions were ported from the PS2 versions instead of from the XBOX/PC. How true is this and if this is the case how does it look regardless?

Im not too fussed about gitches and bugs, would much rather play on PS3 (with a gamepad and achievements) than on PC.

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Looks fine. The sound is iffy though.

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They look pretty damn dated, and this is me trying to put my bias against the terrible gameplay of the games today away when it comes to judging the graphics.

Everything's annoyingly blocky and the Sands of Time was a game that wasn't a graphics-pusher anyways. I would really recommend buying these games for extremely cheap so you could perhaps resell them if you don't like them. I love platformers and action-adventures and was bored and frustrated beyond belief that I kept pushing myself to complete Sands of Time HD.

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Ive tried playing SoT in the past but it felt really clunky. Still people rave about it so maybe I need to give it another shot and WW and TTT significantly improved on the gameplay.

Again Im not too fussed about the graphics but Im more concerned about which version they ported for the HD collections because I remember the PS2 versions being inferior beyond just the IQ, the models looked quite a bit more blocky. Heck WW and TTT still have excellent art so the technical shortcomings wont be a huge issue.

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>Still people rave about it so maybe I need to give it another shot

I wonder if you'll reach the same conclusion as me seeing as you're giving it the same reason to play as I am.