Playstation Home Network Error

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#1 Posted by wlecomewelcome (452 posts) -

I haven't been able to access PlayStation Home recently. I keep getting a network error, and if it log me in, it will only keep on for up to 5 min before it kicks me off because of a network error. Is anyone else having this problem? (Also, I tried re-installing it, but nothing changed).

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#2 Posted by ratchet_usa (376 posts) -
Same problem here, i have the problem when i try to download new spaces so i thought my internet connection was slow though.
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same thing happened to me yesterday. i haven't tried since though
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I was having that problem earlier too. That was my first time on Home so I don't know how common that is. I was just getting myself set up for the FFXIII stuff they're showing in the theater tomorrow and I kept getting disconnected when I tried entering the theater. I did manage to get on after 2 or 3 tries though.

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And i have the same problem when i try to log in after loading says error and can't enter the game :(

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#6 Posted by Serentor (941 posts) -

Check your IP adress and that it doesnt share one with another system or something, besides that, check the rest aswell, like gateway, DNS etc. If those are correct then i might reccomend you turn on and off your router, if that doesnt work either, maybe give the company a quick call for help =)

P.S. Oh and the other possibility if the network works for like other games or the internet browser, is that the servers are down from PS Home, in that case just give them time to fix it =)

P.P.S Try a LAN cable aswell. =)

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#7 Posted by tekken220 (5105 posts) -
This happens to me all the time :cry:
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You still use that thing?
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I was on it last week, Im gonna go check it out now


Its working fine for me

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You still use that thing?SGTiD1NG0