Playstation 4 Hitman 2 Secret passage to Janus

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I discovered a secret Passage that avoids all the guards and puts you right into Janus' Basement

The House for sale in Whittleton If you go into the backyard the house directly behind it with the 2 guards Eleminate both of them hide their bodies go down to the basement door use a lockpick or crowbar to open the door

Once inside if you look to the left you will see another locked door open it using a lockpick or crowbar inside theres a book case with a book click it and it opens a secret tunnel inside change into the guard outfit and gather the goodies at the end of the corridor theres a sliding door be aware there is another Guard in that room subdue or kill him hide the body and your in the house unsuspected by the house guards.

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ya it was a nice find. my favorite level is Mumbai, especially the parts with the kashmirian.