Playstation 3 Video Game Recommendation Thread

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rayman legends is cool

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#353 Posted by Rehan4u (16 posts) -

Last Of Us is one of my fav

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#354 Posted by JokersWild32 (3 posts) -

Yakuza Series

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If you remember this, cool..

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@DoctorWho88: you can to up with unipin

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Nice post and thanks for sharing

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Can't wait to play The last of us. I have only just got it! I'm thoroughly enjoying Ni no kuni. Or am I? Well it's a weird one, i love the look and feel of the game, I'm finding battles a bit difficult though, it just seems a bit messy to me ( compared to say Eternal sonata or Kingdom of Hearts)

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Puppeteer is a nice and charming one, in the spirit of Little Big Planet (I don't if it was made by the same company) but it tends to a bit slow sometimes. Definitely recommandé it.

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen is one hell of a RPG, such a great surprise considering the reception it had compared to Skyrim.

Dragon's Crown is beautiful and satisfying to play.

The Swindle on the psn is a jewel. Doom collection (1 and 2 +) is still a good entertainment. Dead Nation.

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Any body tried the new Devil May Cry 5 game? It seems to be getting really good reviews all over the internet.

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Does anybodydoes anyone know of any games like twisted metal that has character stories?

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im so happy I was given this PSN code and it worked! It's totally free too!

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Definitely try the yazuka series metal gear 4 is great and well worth a play through.

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I was equally amazed to see Playstation 3 Games are still bombing.

I found video on top 25 Playstation 3 games, link is below. 🎆Enjoy gaming.🎆