Platinum Trophies - Does anyone go for them?

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#51 Posted by GettingonwithGamingLife (255 posts) -

My first ever Platinum was in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Brilliant game really. I don't know if I would platinum anything else again, but I might, who knows?

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#52 Edited by xBlackErrthing (97 posts) -

No, no I dont.

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#53 Posted by cejay0813 (1549 posts) -

I haven't platinum'd a single game lol

I've only 100% maybe one or two games on Xbox

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#54 Edited by jcopp72 (5375 posts) -

I currently have 55 platinums, I have tried to get platinums on games I really like. I have in the past let trophies dictate weather or not I buy a game, I am trying to get out of this habit.

Yes some games trophies give you a reason to play more than you may have with out, but when I see a game like Max Payne 3 for example, I look at the trophy list and say "their is no way I will even get half of those trophies" and decide not to even try. This is the type of thing I want to stop doing.

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#55 Posted by l34052 (3902 posts) -

I don't play for trophies period, if something happens to pop up as I'm playing a game it's incidental, not a deliberate act on my part.

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#56 Posted by Bakstenen (3 posts) -

Meh, don't go for them.

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#57 Posted by AchievementHnt (1 posts) -

i used to go for platinums until i realised how guilty it makes you feel whenever you don’t get the rest of the trophies and it’s not as fun as achievement hunting also with any older games that have online you can’t really go back and platinum them cause the servers are either shut down or there is barley anyone playing the game your trying to platinum

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#58 Posted by Robbie23 (381 posts) -

I do not bother going for platinum trophies if it involves multiplayer trophies.

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#59 Posted by GettingonwithGamingLife (255 posts) -

I only complete the ones that I truly enjoy and note them down as an achievement. I don't play online much so trophies really give me a reason to feel like "Yeah I done that" and such. Bloodborne's trophies were great and although the platinum is easy in the essence that you just have to do everything in the game, the lead up to it can be brutally difficult. I also platinumed SOM which I enjoyed and Spiderman, but there are stupid trophies to get platinums..I get you