Platinum Trophies - Does anyone go for them?

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#1 Posted by FanboyMcTroll (274 posts) -

How many people actually try to get the Platinum Trophy's in games? For 100% completion of the game.

I have played hundreds of games yet I only have 3 Platinum trophies. I find most games you have to do some really ridicules tasks to get the platinum trophies, so I wonder do people bother trying for it?

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#2 Posted by YammiReckorrdSan (615 posts) -

I have platinum only for two games: Senran Kagura Estival Versus, and Jojo All Stars Battle. Senran Kagura's platinum is pretty much to play all the story chapters and a few side things and that's it.

Yeah... It has 32% achive rate. It is that easy.

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#3 Posted by Johnny_Rock (40231 posts) -

I play games to complete them and have as much enjoyment as possible. I don't care in the least about achievements.

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#4 Edited by SOedipus (11552 posts) -

If they seem reasonably achievable AND I enjoy playing the game, I'll go for them. I think I have 13 of them.

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#5 Posted by kweeni (11396 posts) -

I have about 17 platinum trophies iirc. I used to collect them for fun at one point but that was years ago, I'm no longer interested.

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#6 Posted by Clefdefa (750 posts) -

Right now I have 18 plat. Either games that I really enjoyed or very easy ones like Telltale games.

I'm kind of sick of plat and acheivement so I turned them off and play more on the Switch at the moment.

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#7 Posted by FanboyMcTroll (274 posts) -

@clefdefa: Congratulations on your 18 trophies!!! I try in every game for the Platinum but I just can't do it

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#8 Posted by SoNin360 (7095 posts) -

Been hooked to trophies and platinums ever since I got my PS3 over 9 years ago. I didn't go for platinums all the time when I first started playing games, but over time it became a habit to. I still plat most games I play. I feel like trophies encourage me to get the most out of games and has even encouraged me to play more games. But yeah, there are often some ridiculous requirements that don't fit in with the whole "getting the most out of games" aspect. But, to me, there's still something satisfying about earning a platinum in a game before moving on to the next game. Still, I plan on finding a stopping point as far as going out of my way to earn platinums. Right now I'm at 177 and I'd like to hit 200 and perhaps keep my final platinum count there. Of course, I'll still earn trophies as I play games, but it'll be interesting to see if I can break my platinum addiction as long as I'm still playing PlayStation games and trophies still exist.

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#9 Posted by FanboyMcTroll (274 posts) -

@SoNin360: WOW you are the man!!! I have 2 Platinum trophies, I try so hard to get platinum on all games but I find that the achievements to get them are just impossible.

So tell me honestly, you must look up answers on the internet of how to get the Platinum trophies, because some of the requirements are just ludicrious

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#10 Posted by SoNin360 (7095 posts) -

@fanboymctroll: Yep, there are trophy guides and even a whole community out there that'll help each other out with online trophies.

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#11 Posted by FanboyMcTroll (274 posts) -

@SoNin360: Ok so you should know what the Star level is beside the trophies. What does that mean. I'm currently Star Level 14, ok so what does that mean?

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#12 Posted by SoNin360 (7095 posts) -

@fanboymctroll: That's your Level. Doesn't mean a whole lot, but trophies actually have point values and it takes so many points to reach the next level.

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#13 Posted by Valgaav_219 (2480 posts) -

I have one platinum and it's one of the easiest ones to get, Life is Strange lol. Gonna plat the sequel too. In all honesty I don't care about trophies. I have too many games and my backlog keeps growing. If I don't keep beating games I can't really justify myself to continue buying new games

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#14 Posted by RodrigoChips (5 posts) -

I usually don't go...
Did anyone ever noticed that Frre games don't have it?

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#15 Edited by RSM-HQ (8542 posts) -


Platinum Trophies - Does anyone go for them?

Yes, for my favorite games on the Playstation 3/4 if supported. Which currently ranks as 26 platinum trophies. Should be more if some of these other games had a platinum, still can't figure out how Demento or Resident Evil 4 doesn't. . (no platinum for Ninja Gaiden: Sigma is also lame)

I even have the platinum for The Evil Within which last I checked was 0.4%; as the platinum requires beating Akumu mode-

Still working on Monster Hunter: World platinum and likely my most difficult one to date. All I need left is the two Miniature Crown trophies. And even after I have the platinum, will continue to play the game, it's what I do with games I really like. I still play TEW also_

Current ranking for Monster Hunter: World platinum trophy stands at 0.1%. . so if someone here claims to have the platinum in MH:W? I know you're full of ¥^*@

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#16 Posted by FanboyMcTroll (274 posts) -

@RSM-HQ: Your Platinum trophie count is very impressive!! I have only 2 so when I see people with way more than me I have to applaud them because I know how difficult it is to get them, I have played hundreds of games ALWAYS going for the Platinum trophy yet I only have 2, so I have to give two thumbs up to anyone with many of them. Way to go dude!!!

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#17 Edited by RSM-HQ (8542 posts) -

@fanboymctroll: Platinum's are not a means of glory for me, just a sign for how much I enjoyed the game. If I like the game it'll be played for years. Even now I will load-up games I already have platinum trophies for. Even games like Resident Evil Remake and Devil May Cry 3 which I technically 100%'d before achievements was a concept.

If a game has an easy platinum? that means little to me, if the game itself is boring and lame_

After beating Dragon Age: Inquisition on Nightmare the clean-up would have been very easy if just time consuming. However; I personally thought the game was garbage, only agreeing to finish the game because was told that's when the game "clicks" (aka don't trust Bioware fans). So I ended my time with Dragon Age: Inquisition at roughly 30% and think it's fitting towards my thoughts on the game itself.

I would say if you like a game enough, most trophies are possible (not counting online trophies with closed servers). You get some stupid trophies, like Metal Gear Solid IV which makes me think Kojima san hates us. . . Yet, if you like the game, and keep playing, it's only a matter of time till the platinum "pings"

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#18 Posted by FanboyMcTroll (274 posts) -

@RSM-HQ: I love the trophy "pings", brings a smile to my face every time!!!

It's kind of like the sound when you find the special items in Diablo 3

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#19 Posted by gamerzboi99 (4 posts) -

Well, I only go actively hunt for them when/if the other trophies are reasonable.
Like, if it's things that can actually be done with a few days worth of work, sure.
But when it asks the moon and the stars from you, It's a no from me.

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#20 Posted by ToonLonk (440 posts) -

Couldn't really care less about "trophies", "achievements" or out-of-game rewards in general.

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#21 Posted by xBlackErrthing (97 posts) -

Nope, haven't cared to complete a game trophy/achievement wise since like 09.

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#23 Posted by Clefdefa (750 posts) -

@fanboymctroll: The first one I got was for playing God Of War 3 on PS3. Very easy to plat and I loved the game, played it a few times and the challenges are fun.

I was very excited when I got the plat especially when I saw that it has a special info. there is a website adress in the description and it gave an pic for your PC. Cool.

Then I discovered that it was unique in this case because no other had something special so it kinda lost its "wow" factor.

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#24 Posted by BlazingHabanero (14 posts) -

I attempt to go for Platinum trophies, but I have recently started over and made an new PSN account because I have an issue with games being on my trophy list that I didn't play, or won't ever bother to play again (this is referring to my son getting on my account and playing games I am not interested in so I have given the account to him). I know I won't get every single Platinum, but trophies do add to games a whole new level of replayability.

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#25 Posted by _Devastator (303 posts) -

The platinum trophies are a way for me to extend playing a game I really enjoy. "I loved playing it so much, I platinumed it."

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#26 Posted by mobius_basic (584 posts) -

I don't have too many. I have about 14, with a lot of those being from the easy TaleTell games like Walking Dead or some easy indy games. The only really big game type Plats I received was from Wolfenstein, Horizon Zero Dawn and Far Cry Primal.

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#28 Edited by Longsnout (181 posts) -

I've got 23 24 Platinum trophies, mostly from pacing myself between new games and going through my backlog. If I don't have to speedrun the game under one hour or reach level 55 in some crummy tacked-on multiplayer then I definitely go for Plat. It's great for replayability and a good way of extending a game's lifespan.

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#29 Posted by FlameVeil (4 posts) -

I actively go for them, I'm all about completionist when it comes to gaming. Currently trying to get the Platinum for AC: Brotherhood but il Principe takes so long. :(

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#30 Posted by Netret0120 (3542 posts) -

@_Devastator said:

The platinum trophies are a way for me to extend playing a game I really enjoy. "I loved playing it so much, I platinumed it."

This. I'm not too concerned about actively going for it. If it happens, I must have been enjoying the game so much that I didn't notice and even then I would have to actively think of going for a platinum.

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#31 Posted by wildhoney66 (312 posts) -

i don't go for them cause i know my limits on what i can and can't do. for example i love Arkham Knight or the new God of War game but on how damn hard they are in that mode. i'd NEVER be able to beat the game at those levels. or whatever the hell they are called? so if i'm lucky i do beat a game but there's still a lot of games i've never beaten that many people have. shit i never was able to beat the Original Mario bros. from back in the day yet there are people that can do that in their sleep.

i was never one of them.

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#32 Posted by Diddies (2399 posts) -

Use to back in the day. Have around 40ish I think.

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#33 Posted by C4rbs (36 posts) -

Just in games that are open world with a lot of quests, like Fallout 4

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#34 Posted by GamesWhisperer (22 posts) -

If it's doable and won't ruin the game for me (like having to replay it all over again), then I like going for them. Currently sitting on 82 platinums :)

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#35 Posted by deactivated-5c875e07ed3fd (-1 posts) -

I only collect those that I really want (the favourite games).

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#36 Edited by BONEYKNEES (14 posts) -

It's a case by case basis for me, if it's a big open world game with lots of side quest to do, then usually I will. I do it less with Linear games.

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#37 Posted by askerofgameQs (11 posts) -

Yes some people go for them, as evidenced by some people having Platinum trophies.

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#38 Posted by deactivated-5c56012aaa167 (2538 posts) -

I have platinumed Tekken 7 which was pretty easy.

The only games I remember that I 100 percented it.(When there wasn't any platinuming in games) were Harry potter 2 and 3 on PC and Harry potter quidditch world cup.(Which I collected all the cards) and maybe Toy Story 2 on game on PC.(Which I finished for 15-18 times when I was young)

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#39 Posted by Marmotas (2943 posts) -

I used to be hardcore into getting platinums, but with time the need kinda died down, i platinum games when i kinda feel like it or if the game is really really good, or its an easy plat, but if it something too grindy or too much multiplayer stuff, i just dont.

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#40 Posted by ButDuuude (1399 posts) -

I stopped once I reached 100 platinum trophies. Now I just want to enjoy the game and chill.

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#41 Posted by Ezekiel43 (1722 posts) -

I got one in Demon's Souls and one in Dark Souls. Haven't bothered with them since my profile was stolen and I started over on the PS4.

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#42 Posted by ArchoNils2 (10405 posts) -

Depends on the game really. If I like it, I go for the plat. If it's easy to get it after finishing the game, I'll also getting it. I'm at 94 plats now. I guess my next plat will be GoW.

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#44 Posted by Longsnout (181 posts) -

Got my 25th Plat recently.

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#45 Posted by trav_have (5709 posts) -

I don't usually care about platinum trophies. I've never gone out of my way to try and get least until God of War. I had no problems getting platinum in God of War because I love the game so much. The combat is amazing so grinding out that trophy wasn't a problem.

Other than that, my other platinums are Telltale's The Walking Dead, which all you have to do is play the game.....and Life Is Strange, which all you have to do is take pictures in each chapter.

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#46 Posted by wildhoney66 (312 posts) -

i've never gone after them cause i know it's normally on the hardest damn level on a game and with it being on that kind of level i say screw it's just not worth it. cause i know i'll never be able to get the damn thing. so i have Zero of these things i really do wish i had at least one but i don't.

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#47 Posted by derekhann (5 posts) -

I only go for platinum if its extremely easy or else i just don't bother going for them.

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#48 Posted by deactivated-5b553a3d72a3b (191 posts) -

I go for the easy ones, rarely get all of them.

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#49 Edited by Sokol4ever (6699 posts) -

Some of my friends do go out of their way but for myself if i really enjoy the game, thats when i will put the extra effort.

Provided the trophies aren't punishing to achieve.

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#50 Edited by Blazepanzer24 (198 posts) -

I don't have any but part of the issue is that I'm a Solo Player and part of the issue is that I mostly like to play for the story arch, once I've completed the main story + side missions or after story I take a break from that game and play it again between three months and two years later. (Or sometimes three days later in terms of Ace combat Zero the Belkan war.)