Persona 4 Golden gets a 10

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Hi kids how you all doing? just read the review from destructoid and P4 got a 10 . seems really nice.
now I have couple of questions "as per usual" :

I never played a persona game before so are the games like story related or something? the reviewer says you can start with this one cuz it's the best , what do ya guys think? what is the best starting point and what are the the ones available for vita "cuz it's the only system I'll be having for the foreseeable future" . of course I am inquiring bout the available personas on PSN.

thanks for your help and here's the link to review :

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The PSP had the first game, Persona 2: Innocent Sin (one half of the overall story since Eternal Punishment has remained on PS1 only in the west), and Persona 3 (though in a slightly altered format. From what I've seen P3P is able to be downloaded and played on a Vita, the other two I don't know personally. As for story the first and second (both parts) are directly related while 3 and 4 related although not as significantly until you go into P4Arena from what I recall.

P3 and P4 are probably the more welcoming titles in the series and the Social Link system was an interesting mechanic which helped flesh the cast out more. I wasn't too fond of P1 and not too much of P2 either, they were too traditional for me (they play more like the older SMT titles with the ability to negotiate mid battle etc.) P2 (especially IS) does have a fairly interesting story though.

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well, the best starting point would probly be persona 3 portable if you dont have a ps3.

I thought that was the best one (well, not the portable just persona 3)

Havent played P4 yet and already preordered and bought P4G off :p

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Haven't Played a Persona game before this will probably be my first.

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Persona 4 deserves a 10 :D I personally think Persona 3 Portable is the best. I can't wait for P4G :D For those who are new to the games, I suggest you try them. Persona 4 is a fine place to start, since you really don't have to have played any of the previous Persona games to understand anything.
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Destructoid gets a little biased when it comes to games they have strong feelings about, be it love or hate. But this is still going to be P4 in all its former glory...and more!

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if you see persona's rate histrory from destructoid you'll be amaze since the chief editor in chief has been rating persona with a really as in REALLY high score.