Opinion on a new playstation TV

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#1 Posted by aragonna (25 posts) -

Hi gamers!

I just want ask you about new playstation tv, i found it by concidence on amazon http://amzn.to/1v2v40x so i need your opinion about

i'm interested to buy one

Thanks for any help :)

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#2 Posted by SoNin360 (6699 posts) -

I just want to check if this is a well disguised spam post. I know I'm not supposed to respond to them, but I can't really tell...

If this is a real topic, then I'm not sure what to think about Playstation TV. I'm not even entirely sure how it works or what it does. I could read up on it, but I'm too lazy to be honest.

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#3 Posted by aragonna (25 posts) -

this not spam man! i just want to know gamers opinion about ps tv becaus i'm gonna buy one

thanks :)

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#4 Posted by clr84651 (5634 posts) -

I own a PS4 for gaming. I don't care about TV service.

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#5 Posted by vpacalypse (576 posts) -

I will happily be buying it for the 'remote play' aspect.

I live in a hectic house so to be able to stream games into another room will be most welcome when the house gets busy.

Couldn't care much for the TV aspect of it.

I do like the sound of playstation now though. Not sure I would use it but, netflix for games sounds like an awesome idea.

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#6 Posted by cyloninside (815 posts) -

im buying one so i can play on other TVs if i need to... and play my vita games on the TV....and for playstation now.

i couldnt care less about TV service... i dont even have cable.