Oblivion: Elder Scrolls Vampire Cure GOTY Glitch

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I can't give my bloodgrass to the witch and I understand the problem, at least I think. From the little research I made I understood how I needed to finish the quest in a non-GOTY (game of the year) disk. I have one and I attempted to finish it on my non-GOTY disk. The problem comes here: I get the the main menu in my non-GOTY disk, right? I go to the load option and I see my saves of my current guy, right? I go to load it and it always sits at the very beginning of the loading bar. The loading bar where above it always gives you a random tip. I have not entered the Shivering Isles part of this game yet at all (hard to believe). If I did this process wrong let me know and please help in any way you can. I got a lvl 22 melee nord and it would suck to be stuck a vampire.
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well, if you're a vampire, you're stuck as a vampire... i was stuck as a vampire when i was at level 25 because i wasnt paying attention as a High Elf Mage. I had to restart... lol It's fun being a vampire for a while.. super strong, but you cant do anything day time.
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You actually can do everything in the day time. You just need to gain a new habit when you wait or sleep. You don't even have to feed inside every 24 hours. What you need to do is pick a good time to be the 'feed time'. I use around 1am, which means when it's time to feed, most of the world is sleeping so you have a much wider range of buffet locations. If I need to rest, usually at level time, I'll travel to a mages guild, as the fighters guild has that stupid porter following you around everywhere. If you have a detect life ring/amulet/spell, use it, find someoen who is sleeping, and go into sneak mode and close the door to the room behind you. Then WAIT for 1 hour (waiting = select button). After you wait, you should get a message that essentially tells you that you've reached lvl2 vampire. The person in the room should still be there sleeping, make sure the door is closed and go into sneak mode. Then step up to the sleeping victim and feed. You'll revert back to lvl 1 vampire, and you can romp around in the sun all you like.

You don't HAVE to feed again inside of 24 hours unless you need to sleep or wait. Either of these activities after 24 hours will jump you to lvl 2. If you can keep the habit of saving your sleeps or waits until you're near a victim, and wait first, then feed, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of lvl 1 vampirism without having to shy away from the sun. The best benefits are +5 to most of your stats, and resistance to disease. This is really helpful because you don't have to bother carrying cure disease potions, you don't have to worry about catching some gawd-awful abiltiy depriving condition and you have a small immunity to normal weapons. It's really rather useful once you get used to how to keep yourself at lvl1 vampire.

It is very important to note that when you do feed, you want to make sure you are in sneak mode, and have some kind of detect life spell or item going so that you can monitor the surrounding area, even outside your line of vision as you do not want to be detected feeding.

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cant you get the vampire cavern on the ps3 version????

cos if you got that you can cure vampirism in a flash

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i wish theyd patch it allready, wen i was a vampire i just used to feed on hobos in the night and i could go aorund in the day time for a couple days but if i needed to sleep id have to wake up in the night to feed again so i could continue playing in the day light
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this happend to me too. I fixed this problem by help of a guy, and apparently it only works in europe.. Step 1: Go to your ps3 settings and set the language to deutch. Step 2: Start oblivion, u should now have everything in deutch. Step 3: Go back with the bloodgrass (now known as bloodgrut or sumthin) now you will see a topic in yellow. I cant assure this works for everyone but it worked for me =)

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apparently you should not have beaten the game if you want to cure vampirism.

but this hasnt happened to me so i wouldnt know

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Someone please answer back with an answer.

ok im a vampire in the goty edition and i have the bloodgrass glitch, is thier anyother way besides renting the old edition of the game. too over come this glitch. meaning is thier anyother way you can cure vampire disease with out going through the witch. could you go through the nights of the nine on that pilgrims quest too finding the alters too make your soul pure will that cure vampire disease too, or learning how too cure the disease in alchemey. please help me find another solution. if none of those work will giving her the ingredients in order work too HELP PLEASE thier has too be a different way.

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Thank you so much for that! It worked for me
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I have found a way to get rid of vampirism om the GOTY version all you have to do is go into you ps3 system settings change your language to dutch and the annoying witch will accept your bloodgrass this works trust me :D
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all you have to do is switch your ps3 settings to dutch and it will work well it did for me
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Well, if you change your language till German, Spanish or any other EU language, you will have to start Shivering Isles agian, and if you have already done it, This will happen: You kill the gatekeeper, and go to Sheogorath. Sheogorath will tell you to kill some "unwelcome visitors". You do as he says, and goes to that place whereyou should kill them. The stones (cant remember the name of them) are already where they should be, but you cant proceed down the stairs after the place where you should put the first stone. There will be a invisible wall there, and i dont think theres anything you can do to get trougth it. Also, there will be no beasts there, cause you have already killed them, and everything you ask Sheogorath about will not be yellow, since you have already asked about it. So if i were you, i would NOT DO THIS GLITCH, unless i havent even started at Shivering isles. It is much better to be a vampire, and feed some inside every day, instead of losing a so epic game as shivering isles. If you have any idea on how i could proceed beyond that stairs, plzz tell me either here or at my clans homepage, bad-rumour.tk. But remember, if you have GOTY, you WILL turn into a vampire once, in lvl 25-30, so remember what i said. Thanks
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go out to the ps3 menu ( if u have the game for ps ) and change language to Deutch thenu should be able to give the bloodgrass with no prob it worked for me

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thanks so much! just to let people know, changing the system to any language works! I changed mine to spanish and it worked the same! Thanks!