Not Sure Which Vita Game to Get Next- Input Appreciated

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Hi everyone! I just finished playing Persona 4 Golden (it consumed my life), and I'm looking for something else to play. Here are the games I thought sounded good:

Persona 3

Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland

Mind Zero

Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed

Is Persona 3 a bit like Persona 4 in how you get to be part of clubs and get a job and hang out with friends? I normally play RPG's and simulation games (Legend of Heroes, Dragon Age, Skyrim, Animal Crossing, Fallout, Tomodachi Life, Harvest Moon to give you an idea), so if any of you have input on any of the games I've listed I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!

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Persona 3 is a lot like Persona 4. Clubs, jobs, social links. Except you don't get to walk around the game world like in P4G. It's just a map and you chose where to go and once in the areas you choose which store/room/area you want to go to. I personally enjoyed P3P more than P4 but it's not a popular opinion. The story on P3P also feels a bit darker than what was on P4G. You really can't go wrong with it I spent 80+ hours on it just like Persona 4. Easily worth the 20 dollars or whatever they're asking for it now.

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Go for Persona 3. Very much like Persona 4, so you'll probably love it. Persona 3/4 are some of the finest games ever created.

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I liked Final Fantasy X for the Vita and Sonic Racing All Star Transformed

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I downloaded Persona 3 and started playing it. I like it so far. I'm still eager to see what people have to say about the other games I'm interested in, though.