No Man's Sky Problem with Downloading on PS4.

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I have slow internet so I download 1-2GB at a time then rest for 12 or so hours. I was up to 6GB downloaded when the game reset me back to 0 and 11GB to go. Next I downloaded 2GB again then it once again reset me.

I've seen it reset before, with a different game, as glitch, but eventually it set itself straight and the download progress was corrected and accepted. I have a feeling that this won't happen here.

Anyone else have this problem or a solution to my problem?

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@strategyfn: Rest Mode

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Oh great, thank you very much and timely too. I will give it a try.

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It worked.

I had 150MB downloaded before I used your fix. I must've downloaded 50MB of that in "rest mode" and it reset itself once I reached 1.7GB. I think if you download any amount of No Man's Sky in "rest mode" it will reset itself, unless maybe you go through all the way with the download in one go.

Then I used your advice/fix. I made sure I downloaded No Man's Sky with my console in "regular mode" during multiple 2-4GB or more downloads and it worked.