Nier Automata is pretty bad, with bad writing too

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I was just thinking about overrated games and this came to mind. I decided to finally play it last year after all the fanboys I saw constantly praising the supposed "masterpiece" writing and deep philosophical story and boy was I disappointed.

The dialogue is cliché anime nonsense, complete with the typical anime gasps and immature tumblr/reddit-tier writing i.e "my girlfriend dumped me 2b...whaaa" "why did you kill my brother? Now I'll kill you!"

Characters are one dimensional with the cliché anime plot point of having a secret hidden trait i.e the stoic silent strong woman isn't so cold hearted really and shows that suddenly and spontaneously at one point.

Then there's the story, with a narrative requiring multiple repetitive playthroughs to get to the so called "enjoyable" bits, a narrative mired by one dimensional characters and terrible writing and in the end, what is that narrative? The generic concepts of infinite cycles, war being pointless and the question of what is free will and is our enemy any different from us? Philosophical questions explored far better in games like Dark Souls and Metal Gear.

"Whoosh" they said if you don't like the story. Jesus, the story point has been done far better in other series like Souls, Yoko Taro is OK at coming up with concepts but poor at implementing them.

The gameplay is a repetitive easy joke, dodge every enemy automatically just by bashing dodge. No timing required because you'll be sure to perform the evasive dodge required to counter strike afterwards. No tactics required because most enemies are the same. Exploration becomes tedious in its bland world filled with the same enemies who lack variety, side quests are just glorified fetch missions or "go here and kill x enemy."

By later playthroughs, everything is just a chore and tedious slog through the same old crap.

I'm not sure how this game ended up being rated so highly but I think it's mostly from anime fanboys who like anything that is anime or anime-like, then proceed to viciously overhype it in response to any criticism. Funniest part was hearing a few saying it's got better writing and dialogue than both The Witcher 3 and Yakuza 0. After playing through the whole game (and yes doing the subsequent playthroughs) I'm convinced that these people must be on drugs if they think Nier even compares.

Who else thinks it's overrated? I mean this is Platinum Games, I don't know how they went from Metal Gear Rising to this. Perhaps they should have got Hideo Kojima to oversee this game too, it would probably have had better gameplay and writing.

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I enjoyed the game overall, but you do make some good points in which I agree with to some extent. Definitely was expecting a bit more from the game given its reception, so ultimately I thought it was a bit overrated despite having a decent time with it. But, like you said, the game gets very repetitive. I don't remember why I had to do multiple playthroughs, I just remember my enjoyment of the game dipping downward at that point. The story was okay, but nothing too impressive. I'm a casual fan of anime shows and games, so I was really expecting to like this game more than I did. It definitely had some great moments, but for the most part I don't remember much of the plot at this point and my memory of repetitive fights overshadows that of some of the fights that were great.

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Couldn't get into it either.

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@fsrgon: Metal Gear: Rising isn't even a Kojima why would he oversee Nier?

I also liked Nier, at least its not another 1-dimensional game.

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@GTR12: Kojima oversaw production on Rising though. I'm just talking hypothetical that Nier would have had better writing and story imo with Kojima if they managed to get him to do it.

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@fsrgon said:

@GTR12: Kojima oversaw production on Rising though. I'm just talking hypothetical that Nier would have had better writing and story imo with Kojima if they managed to get him to do it.

I disagree, Nier is fine, its not for everyone.

I've stumbled upon many great games, which people might deem "too anime, hypocritical, sexist etc etc" all because I've taken a chance on something.

People say the same about Wet (its bland, repetitive, story could be better etc).

Kojima would have fucked it up, probably introduce some male having a baby in his mouth...

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Was an average game.

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Nier Automata is not bad game, but I agree with for the most part. The story is bullcrap, the only fun things about it is the wierd things, like robot sex, or Romeo and Juliet play that the robots commits a suicide. The gameplay is fun, but yeah, it is not very good. It is worst version of Bayonetta. And I agree with you 100% about the bland open world.

I enjoyed Nier Automata, but it took me three time after I stopped to finish it.

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Kind of crazy how I stumble across this post after I JUST uninstalled Nier. This game is so bad and cliche it hurts. In the first 2 hours of the game I spent more time watching cut scene after cut scene with cringey anime-esque dialoge than I did actually playing the game.

The game play was just as bad and linear. Abosolutely nothing to think about, no decision making, no feeling that you needed differenty strategies to defeat enemies. You end up just doing the same thing for each enemy encounter. It becomes super repetative very fast. During the first boss fight there was like 4 seperate cut scenes with more linear dodge and shoot game play as a filler.

The game is designed so that you are playing in an anime film rather than an actual video game. I don't enjoy watching cut scene after cut scene with brainless gameplay as a filler. Where I'm not even thinking about anything - just auto piloting.

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I remember playing the demo and not really having the urge to go out and buy it. I dunno maybe it's just not my type of game. I do enjoy a lot of different types of games though, but Nier never appealed to me

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Interesting. Wanted to give it a try. I've heard of worst writingamer but my expectations are lowered.

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I love the game, no.2 game of 2017 but its full of jrpg troupe, not everyone gonna love it.

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fantastic game i love it

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I played the demo and it was pretty cool. That boss fight at the end of it really made me want to get the game. It's on my bucket list and I'll definitely play it with an open mind.

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I was eager to get this game, but after I saw one of the most pretentious reviews I've ever saw in YouTube (something like ... Nier Automata, the masterpiece you will not play, or something like that) my hype kind of died ... I didn't even watched the whole thing (almost an hour) I just find the review so pretentious I think I'll wait a little bit more (some good discount).

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Hated every minute of the 3 plus hours I played it. Couldn't give it a longer shot than that. I wanted to blow my brains out in that short a time.

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Yeah well, your opinion is bad. Bad reasoning too! 🖑FACE!!

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@Chris_53 said:

I remember playing the demo and not really having the urge to go out and buy it. I dunno maybe it's just not my type of game. I do enjoy a lot of different types of games though, but Nier never appealed to me

I played the demo, too. It was so boring that I fell asleep twice. Thanks to the demo, I didn't even bother rent it & play other games that interested me.