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This game on sale now , and it has good score in metacritic , but when I see the review , I feel it like kids game , so , it is worth my time ?

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its an amazing game you will thank yourself for getting it. yes the graphics are cartoonish. its like playing a live 75 hour anime

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I have not played the game yet (just bought it on Amazon not long ago when it was cheap), but from what I know, the game is far from a kids game. It may be colorful and have anime art, but the subject matter is actually quite mature from what I know. I don't want to spoil anything for you or me, but just cause it is a kid protagonist doesn't mean it is for kids.

I might crack into this game soon, but I know I will have A Link Between Worlds and The Last of Us to play soon as well. Too many amazing games to play!

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I just buy it from psn store for 9 dollar , that was good deal .

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i loved it, it has a long tutorial. But still amazing

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I'm currently on my second play through of this, this time going for the rest of the stuff I didn't accomplish in the first play through. Although it does have some childish elements to it, it also has some dark elements. It was truly an awesome experience. It blends old school games like the early FFs and Chrono games and Pokemon from what i've heard (never played pokemon games). You can either fight every enemy you see and go back and grind, or you can bypass them and move ahead with the story. It can easily go from a 30 hour game to 80-100 hour game depending on how much you want to complete. Enjoy!!!!

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The gameplay is quite hardcore, I thought it was a pretty difficult game.

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one of the best jrpg of all time

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@Alessandro1001 said:

This game on sale now , and it has good score in metacritic , but when I see the review , I feel it like kids game , so , it is worth my time ?

I thought the game would be kiddish also....until I played it. Ni No Kuni is anything but kiddish.

If you like a great JRPG game, then buy it because it's amazing. You will be hooked once Mr. Drippy enters the scene

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*sigh* Yeah, that's society for you. Animation = Cartoon = baby stuff

I'll admit though, it does look childish since the main character is so young, and the creatures are real cute, but imo it is much too hard for a kid to beat on Normal, and the story is anything but childish.

The story is gripping and fantastic without having to be excessively violent or resort to vulgarities, etc. I don't want to spoil anything but I will say its very sad, and there is death. The music is some of the best I've ever heard in a game and the visuals are phenomenal, but I didn't expect anything less from Studio Ghibli (My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away).

As for the gameplay, its awesome. It plays just like I always wished a Pokemon game would play like, giving you full control of your familiar's movement and no awful turn-based battle system.

Long story short, BUY THIS GAME. Especially if you love JRPGs and its at $20. Its one of the best games of 2013, and now one of my all-time favorites.

Edit: Sorry, didn't see your second post :p Hope you enjoy it!

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ni no kuni is a gem... :)

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I'm 33 and certainly don't think it's for kids. Picked it up last week and been playing it with a big smile on my face ever since. It's absolutely epic. Fantastic graphics, great characters (only game with a welsh sidekick I can think of) and incredible environments.

Get it ASAP you'll not regret it. I've not been a big fan of JRPGs but this has wetted my appetite. Gonna pick up Persona 4 Golden next week as well.

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Ni No Kuni is a great game highly worth checking out and plus you'll love the soundtrack as well

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Thank you guys , I already bought the game , and I'm membership in ps plus , I bought the game for 9 $ and I also bought the persona 4 golden for 17 $ .

I'm playing now tales of xillia , and I can't wait to finish this game to play ni no kuni

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1. No way, Ni No Kuni is way too in depth and time consuming to be a "Kids game".

2. If you are that concerned about it being a "kids" game and can't even read reviews to judge yourself (Instead of asking us) then you should probably give up gaming as a hobby since it looks like you're too easily swayed by appearances or what others think.

3. The art in the game is done by the famous Studio Ghibili, your anime film animation overlords so you should know, if you did any research, that the art style is kinda the game's biggest draw since the visuals are so darn pretty.

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as chidish as ni no kuni i think you should get it for the experience alone i dont care for gameplay but the visuals are up there with journey as one of the best looking games on the ps3 period so i do think its worth atleast a look

as for it being a kids game some of the best games where aimed at younger audience hell look at tearaway for the psvita a chidish game but i know a fair few adults who have grown fondly of its unique art style and fun gameplay sure it may be for kids but if its a fun game its a fun game

im 16 and im still playing games like ape escape,spyro.crash etc because look past the kiddie nature you can find there a really fun and at times really challenging game

and besides i dare you to play the origonal rayman without dying once ^^