New PS4 user with some silly doubts.

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Las week I was finally able to get a PS4 ... Yes, I'm aware that the PS5 may be around the corner, but I really wanted to play Bloodborne and some other games.

Anyway, the thing is that I'm also a PS3 owner and I wanted to keep my account which I did in the PS4 making it my main account, however in that old account I already used my PSN trial so I created a new profile to use my free trial.

The question is ... If I buy a new game in that account, can I use it on my main account??? What about the games that I get using PSN??? I'm asking this because in the PS3 there was no problem with any account but one of my friends told me that he needed to use his main account in the Xbox One all the time in order to play his games (he couldn't make Smurf accounts)

Sorry for the silly question guys, hopefully you can help me with this.

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Some games are ok with a PS+ subscription on another account, whilst others refuse to work, I only know of Rocket League that can be really annoying to use online and at times not working at all.

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Personally I would just stick to one account.