New LocoRoco Game! Anyone Else Looking Forward to It?

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From Here:

11:02: Turning it over to the audience for questions, the first is "What's Phil playing that isn't on a Sony platform?" He says he plays things for competitive analysis, but that the PS3 has enough for him. He mentions that he's been playing the next LocoRoco game, then he turns to a new PlayStation 3 downloadable game called Super Rub-O-Dub. It's the duck demo from E3 turned into an entire game. You play with the Sixaxis and tilt a pool of water to make a big duck move around, picking up little ducks and moving them to an exit. It will be out in the next few weeks.

Personally, I've wanted a second LocoRoco ever since I beat the first one.  I still play that game, and it's so much fun!  Anyone else excited about the prospect of a new LocoRoco game?
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Never bought the first one (loved the demos though)

I will definitely buy this one when it comes out. I just hope they add some new material because there were complaints that the first game got very repetitive quick.